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I began drumming lessons at the age of thirteen; I studied with several local teachers throughout the first few years. While attending high school, some friends and I formed a rock band, and by my 18th birthday, the band was averaging several nights a week playing at Joel Heller’s “Eight Wonder” on 8th Street in Greenwich Village, New York City, my first professional gig. Throughout that year, we worked several clubs and parties in the New York area.

Shortly after, I decided to further my musical knowledge and studied privately under Lynn Oliver who taught jazz and big band drumming with his strong emphasis on playing time along with chart reading. Lynn, an outstanding musical arranger, ran an octet and big band workshop in upper Manhattan which I have attended three to four days a week and every so often filled in that fifth day. I studied at Lynn’s Studios for several years which later included an introduction to jazz piano and arranging. During that time, I got an offer to play in California and temporarily suspended my lessons.

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Professional Drummer

As a drummer, I worked numerous jobs: steady wedding band, cabaret, shows, hotels, country clubs, army bases, travelling ballroom-country club-dance bands, jazz bands, cruise, radio broadcast, a couple of recordings and more.


Piano Teacher

In the mid-late 70s I studied piano with the late John Solo, a musician-friend I had the pleasure of occasionally working with on the wedding circuit.


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