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Pocket money

Some shops do not accept mastercards, so it´s always good to have some Danish coins on you.



When you are travelling around in Greenland shall you remember to have warm and layers clothes on, if it to warm take some off and the other way.


Rent of warm winter clothes

We have seal skin pants and anarok, glvovers and warm boots for our tours.



Praktisk information:        

The sun is standing in the sky both night and day, but you still need to remember warm clothes and a good jacket. It is cold when we are on the water, therefore it is a good idea with clothes where you have the option of different layers that you can take on and off during the trip. The temperature in summer is typically between 3 and 10 degrees in the shade. It may sound like a cold summer experience, but the air is dry and there are many hours of sunshine. Therefore, it feels warmer than the thermometer shows. We also recommend that you remember practical shoes with a good grip under the sole. Remember that the tours will be a better overall experience if you have clothes and shoes that you feel comfortable with and which suit the weather.



Praktisk information:        

The winter modes are cold, and the frost can easily seem overwhelming when you see the low degrees on the thermometer. Typically, the average temperature in the winter months is between -3 degrees and -20 degrees. Fortunately, the air is dry and therefore it does not feel so cold. But it cannot be emphasized enough: REMEMBER PRACTICAL HOT GIRL AND BOOTS.

It is doggy when we are out on the sleigh rides, and regular winter boots are not good enough for most people. We recommend that you buy or borrow boots that can go down to at least -40 degrees and preferably down to -73 degrees during active use. It may sound loud, but it is super annoying to get cold feet on the sleigh ride. When you sit on a dog sled, you have your feet against the wind, and therefore they are quickly cooled.

In relation to outerwear, an ordinary ski jacket is usually not enough. You need a thick jacket and lined coat pants that can have multiple layers underneath. Layers – on-layer clothing is practical in the cold. In this way you have the opportunity to regulate the heat during the trip and from day to day. It is not certain that it is just cold all the days you visit Uummannaq.

Remember, ski underwear, warm sweaters in several thicknesses, warm and lined gloves, woolen inner gloves, a warm hat, warm socks, inner socks, scarf and sunglasses. It may seem a bit strange to bring sunglasses, but the sun’s glare in the snow can bother the eyes. It is important that the sunglasses do not touch the skin directly, as it can cause frostbite. However, you can easily solve it by putting a little tape on the glasses where they touch the skin. We recommend that your clothes are in wool as it warms even when it gets wet from sweat. In addition, wool is a great material for regulating body heat.

The tours will be a better overall experience if you have clothes and boots that you feel comfortable with and which suit the weather.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][:]